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We do not have any sample videos. No sample video.
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There are no sample videos on nanairo. You can watch the videos you like until the timer runs out. After that, the timer will reset naturally over time, so you can enjoy the adult videos you like as many times as you want. If you want to have even more fun with nanairo, you have the option to do things like make the timer restore immediately, increase the time limit, or get rid of the time limit.

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nanairo places importance on having overwhelmingly good quality videos and stories that are more than just your ordinary adult videos. We put concepts into beautiful videos that other websites do not have- our cast is depicted in a more attractive fashion and in the most sensual way possible. Fall in love with the stunning quality. Come experience it with a free membership.

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nanairo lets you enjoy erotic videos for free. However, we are currently giving out premium member tickets to people who want to have even more fun. If you act now and confirm your credit card details within three days of registering we will give you 14 days of Premium Member status! Take this chance to try out the adult videos on nanairo to your heart's content.

  • Premium plan charges will accrue after expiration of the free trial.
  • No charges will accrue if you switch to the free plan by the expiration date of the free trial.

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Choose a plan to enjoy the site in a way that suits your style.
We offer four low-cost pricing plans for you to choose from.

Pease of mindYou can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time

  Maximum timer Timer refill Image quality Price(30 days) Individual purchases
Free plan 10 minutes 1 min/hour Lowquality - 7 days
Premium plan 60 minutes 5 min/hour Highquality 1980 JPY Unlimited
Unlimited plan Unlimited Ultra-highquality 2980 JPY Unlimited

Get 10% off when you sign up for a 90-day contract.
Get 20% off when you sign up for a 180-day contract.

  • The "Maximum timer" refers to the highest possible value for the free timer. The free timer will not exceed that amount.
  • The "Timer refill" refers to how much of the timer is refilled every hour. The higher the timer refill, the quicker the timer is refilled.
  • "Individual purchases" refers to the amount of time you can use content that you purchase. There are limits to the free plan, but there are no limits for paid members as long as they continue their paid subscription.

Use a coin to enjoy the adult videos you like when you want. You can purchase coins, but you can also get them for free.

Use coins

the timer

When the timer runs out and you just want to see a little more... You can quickly add to the timer when you want to watch more.


There is some content that can be downloaded for your enjoyment. Keep it on hand to watch as many times as you like.

Get coins

Buy coins

You can also buy coins directly. We help you when you want to see more right away.


You can get coin rewards for writing reviews on the adult videos you like.


Introduce your friends to nanairo! If your friend registers for nanairo, you and your friend can both receive coins.


How much can I use for free?
All videos can be viewed for free. You can watch them as much as you want until the timer runs out. You will not be charged anything unless you apply for a plan that lets you watch for longer or buy coins.
How can you offer this for free?
We can operate thanks to the support of customers who like nanairo and upgrade to paid plans or purchase coins. We also endeavor to create excellent content and make everything available for free viewing so that you can learn about nanairo and be enticed to watch more.
What happens when my free trial runs out?
When your free trial runs out, you will remain upgraded to the Premium plan and you will be charged for it. If you would rather return to the Free plan, downgrade yourself to the Free plan on the Change Plans page before the end of the free trial and you will not be charged.
What is the timer?
The timer is the amount of video viewing time you have left. When the timer runs out, you cannot watch any more video. However, the timer will refill itself as time passes, so even Free plan customers can enjoy all of nanairo's content.
What are coins?
Coins are nanairo's in-app currency that can be used to add to the timer or to download content, such as videos and images. You can get coins by purchasing them, or for free by writing reviews for videos or referring your friends to nanairo.
Are there any paid plans?
Yes, we have it. When you move to the paid plan, you can do things like increase the timer maximum, make the timer reset quickly, and enjoy nanairo at your leisure for a longer period of time. In addition, we also have plans that let you enjoy an unlimited number of erotic videos with no time limits. Enjoy nanairo with our free plan or free trial first and, if you are thinking to yourself, "I want to have even more fun!" then please consider getting our paid plan.