info_outline Terms of Use

Thank you for using Nanairo. By using Nanairo's service, users agree to the following Terms of Use, as well as to policies, guidelines, and any revisions that might be made to them at any time. These Terms may be changed in the future.

1. The Use of the Service

Nanairo provides its service under the assumption that its customers are of adult age and are legally able to enter into a contract, and that they are not forbidden from using the service under Japanese law or by any other relevant jurisdiction. Customers may be asked to provide up-to-date identity information, contact details, or other information in order to continue using the service, or as part of the registration procedure, when using the service. Customers accept responsibility for preserving the confidentiality of their accounts' passwords and all activity carried out with their accounts.

2. Copyright

The intellectual property rights (such as copyright, related rights, trademark signs, design rights etc.) of all videos, audio, programs, letters, images, illustrations, designs, trademarks, logo-marks, and all other information provided through Nanairo's service belong to Nanairo or third parties that consent to Nanairo's usage of them. Our customers agree not to perform any acts that may infringe upon the rights of Nanairo or any third party with regard to this content.

3. Suspension of Service

In the event of unavoidable causes such as natural disasters, system malfunctions, and maintenance, Nanairo may suspend its provision of service. Nanairo bears no responsibility for any loss that may be incurred by subscribed users being unable to use the service for these reasons.

4. Plans

Nanairo's service consists of a Free plan, Unlimited plan, and S-Cute plan, and the services provided, as well as the content, varies according to the plan being used. Customers can check the Plan Information page for information regarding the content and usage fees for each plan. Customers can change the plan they are subscribed to through Nanairo's system at any time. By giving notice up to 60 days in advance through Nanairo's system, the company may revise the usage fees for these plans without receiving prior consent. Changes in usage fees after these revisions are made are brought into effect at the time customers' subscriptions are renewed.

5. Continuation of Plans

Nanairo's usage plans are subject to expiration dates. Customers can check the expiration dates of their usage plans at any time on Nanairo's website. Subscriptions to usage plans are automatically renewed so long as customers do not apply for changes to be made via Nanairo's system. Customers are obliged to promptly pay Nanairo for any usage fees incurred by the continued use of the service.

6. Coins

Coins are provided to customers through methods designated by the company, such as during campaigns and being purchased through the service. The unit of Coins purchased, payment methods, and other conditions relating to the provision of Coins, are determined by Nanairo and indicated in the service. Coins cannot be exchanged for money, goods, or any other economic gain except for services and content designated by Nanairo. The number of Coins required to be exchanged for services or contents, and other Terms of Use relating to Coins are determined by Nanairo and displayed in the service. Coins are valid for six months from the date of purchase. Coins cannot be refunded, for any reason.

Enacted slash put into effect on May 10th, 2016