Neat and Clean Big Boobs Lady

Secretariat comment

Honoka-chan has both charms innocence and sexy. She looks ladylike but also erotic. She is little bit masochist. It's also nice.


Name Honoka
Body height 156 cm
Sex Female
Measurements B90(G)-W58-H85
Release date 2019/11/03


What do you do on weekend?
I like watching movies at home.
Where do you want to go?
I'd like to go to Hawaii.
Is there anything you want now?
I want Hair dryer of Dyson.
What is your favorite application?
Have you been exercising lately?
I tried double under.
Can you be confessed your feelings?
I can't it.
What is your type?
I like a man who is decisive person.
What is your favorite body region of men?
Around dick.
What kinds of fetish you have?
What sex position do you like the best?
I like the doggy position with hug.
What percentage of sexual desire do you have?
It's 80%.
What percentage of kinky do you have?
It's 100%.