Sweet Girl Who Has Tender Smile

Secretariat comment

Kuran has both charms cute and sexy. She has long legs and arms. She has sexy body and cute smile. She is such a hot woman who likes manly man.


Name Kuran
Body height 164 cm
Sex Female
Measurements B80(C)-W59-H85
Release date 2019/08/24


What do you do on weekend?
I often tidy my room.
Is there anything you want now?
I want a sofa bed.
What is your favorite fashion brand?
I like Lady.
What is your favorite stamp of Line?
I like Rabbit100%.
What are you like drunk?
I talk too much.
Have you been exercising lately?
I was jogging.
What is girls’ comic that you want to introduce to men?
It completely slipped my mind.
Can you be confessed your feelings?
I had done it once. But I think I can't do it now.
What is your type?
I like man who can drink a lot.
What kind of gestures of men will make you feel something?
The movement of touching own hair.
What sex position do you like the best?
I like the doggy position the best.
What percentage of sexual desire do you have?
It's 70%.
What percentage of kinky do you have?
It's 80%.