A Shapely Figure

Secretariat comment

Minori has many charms. She has a young face, a nice body, pretty boobs, soft butt, long legs. She has such a hot woman. She is a masochist too.


Name Miori
Body height 168 cm
Sex Female
Measurements B90(G)-W59-H92
Release date 2019/08/04


Where do you want to go?
I'd like to go to Hokkaido.
What dish do you cook best?
Rice omlet.
What are you like drunk?
I'm getting sleepy.
What is your favorite stamp of Line?
Animals stamps.
What is your type?
I like a masculine man.
How to be showcasing you to your crush?
I can't do it. But I wanna try it.
What kind of gestures of men will make you feel something?
Hold hands.
What kinds of fetish you have?
I like a shapely nose.
What sex position do you like the best?
I like the missionary position.
Where part of men you see when you enjoy sex?
I often look his reactions and face.
Which one do you like? Sadist or Masochist?
I am a masochist.
What motivated you to awakening of the erotic impulse?
I've read erotic comics that was my father's.