info_outline Terms of Use

1. Service name


2. E-mail address for inquiries

3. Fees required for use of service

Paid plan

Premium plan(30 days): 1,980 JPY
Unlimited plan(30 days): 3,480 JPY

*90-day plans receive a 10% discount; 180-day plans receive a 20% discount.


1,000 coins: 2,000 JPY
3,000 coins: 5,000 JPY
7,000 coins: 10,000 JPY

4. Fees customers are subject to other than service charges

Data usage fees for Internet use (customer's carrier), Internet provider fees, and other telecommunications fees.

5. Payment method

Credit card(VISA,MASTER,JCB)

6. Commencement of service

Once payment is completed, the service becomes immediately available.

7. Continuation/suspension of paid plans

Paid plans automatically renew after the period expires. From your account page, you can downgrade a paid plan to a free plan and suspend automatic renewals.

8. Cancellation and refunds

Due to the nature of the service, we cannot process refunds or cancellations after billing.

9. Company


*Please direct all inquiries via e-mail