info_outline Terms of Use

This privacy policy applies to information collected about customers when they use nanairo's services. In this privacy policy, "personal information" refers to information which can be used to identify a specific person.

1. Information Collected About Customers

What kind of personal information is collected about me?

Information you provided to nanairo (your name, email address, date of birth, sex, and telephone number). Information about your activity while using services.

* In the event personal information aside from the above is collected, you will be notified of the purpose of use when it is collected, and your consent will be obtained.

2. How Customer Information is Used by nanairo

For what purpose will the information collected about me be used?

It will be used to build and enhance the relationship between customers and the company, and to provide the best possible user experience. The specific purposes are as follows.

  • Contacting customers
  • Customization of content viewed by customers
  • Providing services ordered by customers
  • Improving service
  • Conducting surveys on service usage
  • Preventing possible illegal activity, such as unauthorized use of content
  • Providing customers with information about the company's recommended features and services

* For information aside from the above, you will be notified of the purpose of use when it is collected.

3. Use of Personal Information by Third Parties

Are there any companies aside from nanairo that will use my information?

nanairo will not provide your personal information to third parties. However, information you voluntarily disclosed while using the services will be displayed to other nanairo users.

4. Customer Choice

Can I choose how the information collected about me is used?

By visiting the settings page, you can decline to receive advertising emails from nanairo services. However, regardless of your choice, nanairo may send you administrative messages, service information, account terms of use, and other such emails. Additionally, please be aware that if even if you cancel your account, nanairo will retain some of your personal information, and may send you emails, etc.

5. Security

How will the information collected about me be protected?

In order to protect the personal information in its possession against loss, theft, or unauthorized use, disclosure, or alteration, nanairo shall use all physical and technological means that can be reasonably managed. When you input personal information, said information will be encrypted using SSL (secure socket layer) technology. In spite of the aforementioned efforts, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that the transmission or storage of any information is 100% secure.

Does nanairo collect information about minors under the age of 18?

The company strictly prohibits registration or application by minors under the age of 18, and we will not knowingly collect the personal information of minors under the age of 18.

What happens when nanairo changes its privacy policy?

nanairo may modify this privacy policy at any time in accordance with changes to initiatives within the industry, laws, or the scope of the services, etc. In the event nanairo makes significant revisions to this privacy policy, nanairo will post notifications of them on the website before said revisions take effect.